Project Overview

First developed in 2014 as a way to promote performing arts and foster a sense of community among residents in Mt. Shasta, CA, the Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series has grown over the past decade to become a critical driver of tourism revenue, music education, and scholarships for aspiring young performers throughout rural Siskiyou County.

Promoting Local Arts

The Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series consists of six outdoor music events held in Mt. Shasta, CA, each summer. Events are completely free and open to the public, featuring live performances by a variety of local artists. Since its inception in 2014, the concert series has grown to become a tourism draw for Siskiyou County. Hundreds of spectators attend the concerts each week, joining together in Stastice Park to enjoy live music, support young artists, and strengthen community pride.

Building a Better Future

Working in conjunction with the Mt. Shasta Recreation and Parks District, Mt. Shasta Community Concerts has been able to host its events at Stastice Park since 2014. In 2015, the organization installed a shade structure that local residents are now able to use throughout the year. With a grant from the Friesen Foundation, the organization can begin designing and planning for a larger, more permanent stage with a year-round roof that can be used for a number of different community events and activities.

Little girl holding a stack of Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series flyers

Making a difference

Mt. Shasta Community Concerts is dedicated to supporting the arts and local music education throughout Siskiyou County. In addition to hosting a series of free summertime concerts, the organization also works with local artists and supports at-risk youth by funding scholarship opportunities throughout the community.

People from near and far enjoying the Mt. Shasta Concert Series

Scholarship and Education

This project will kickstart a music scholarship to support local high school students and aspiring young performers wishing to continue their music education.

Community Improvements

Investment in the Mt. Shasta community includes funding the design for a permanent stage structure, where local residents will be able to gather to participate in events year-round. Not only does this project benefit residents in rural Siskiyou County, it also acts as a tourism draw that encourages families from throughout Northern California and Southern Oregon to spend time in the city of Mt. Shasta.

Additional Benefits

(1) Funding the operating budget for a free summer concert series, where families can enjoy live music and get to know local artists.

(2) Designing and planning a new, permanent stage structure where public events can be hosted outdoors year-round.

(3) Providing Mt. Shasta residents with a safe place to congregate and develop a sense of community.

One of the Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series bands rocking out during a summer evening

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