John Friesen

John A. Friesen was born and raised in Redding, CA, where his family owned and ran Owens Pharmacy. He attended University of the Pacific where he earned his Degree in Pharmacy in 1991, and CSU Chico where he earned his Master’s in Business Administration in 1996. John is currently the Executive Chairman of Owens Healthcare and Owens Real Estate. In 2019 John formed the Friesen Foundation and is a Foundation board member. He and his wife Patty have two boys and enjoy outdoor adventures including snow skiing, boating and cycling.

Royce Friesen

Royce L. Friesen was born in Hampton, Nebraska. His family relocated to California because of the depression and drought in the Midwest in the early 1940’s. Royce was in the US Navy and while in the Navy Reserves, began attending the University of the Pacific, where he earned his Degree in Pharmacy in 1965. Royce is currently the Founder of Owens Healthcare, Inc. and a board member of the Friesen Foundation. He and his wife Colleen enjoy traveling and between them have four children and seven grandchildren.

Advisory Board

Jonz Norine

Jonz Norine a principal attorney at the Kenny & Norine law firm in Redding, California. He has lived in many places both in the US and overseas, but chose Far Northern California to live and work because of its rugged beauty and unending recreational opportunities. When not in the courtroom, he is likely to be found trying to get his wife and sons to go with him biking the trails, skiing the mountains, or kayaking the rivers and lakes in and around Redding.

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