Project Overview

A high-sierra experience in Jonesville, CA; nearly 40 miles of single track will open up new areas of this spectacular forest landscape for non-motorized recreation, with an emphasis on community development and environmental improvement.

A little-known gem of the north state

Visitors come here in search of adventure, off the beaten path. They come to smell the pines and hear the whisper of an alpine breeze murmuring through the trees. They come to camp on the banks of Butte Creek, and stand in the meadows as night falls to watch a canopy of brilliant stars blanket the sky. They come to revel in the spectacular vistas in this undiscovered corner of the Lassen National Forest, and to feel the crackle of granite under their boots on a winding mountain track.

In response to an extensive survey of trail users and residents of Butte County, the proposed trail system was designed as a series of interconnected loops, offering visitors multiple opportunities to choose the distance and terrain of their adventure.

A group of Aspen tress turning yellow in the Fall

Making a Difference

This trail system would serve several disadvantaged communities, lowering the barrier to nature access for school classrooms as well as residents of all ages.
Colby Mountain aerial pointing out each trail

Economic Revitalization

The project will increase economic demand for many services in the area, including mountain bike rentals, bike repair and maintenance services, and trailhead shuttle services for businesses in the gateway communities of Chester and Chico, and increasing sales of fuel, food, and accommodations.

Community Recovery

Investment in improved recreational access is an important factor In the wake of the Camp Fire (2018) in retaining existing or displaced area residents by increasing regional quality of life, while also building a sustainable tourism revenue base for a county facing increasing burdens on infrastructure during the disaster recovery process.

Additional Benefits

(1) Mitigating Recreational User Conflicts by improving connectivity and signage for existing trails in the vicinity.

(2) Providing novel environments for outdoor education through the future design and development of an outdoor classroom, interpretive trail, and installation of educational kiosks.

(3) Improving forest and watershed health within the footprint through the future design and development of fuels reduction, meadow restoration, and long-term forest landscape management projects in the area.

(4) Renovating existing infrastructure for recreational and emergency uses wby resurfacing and expanding the Jonesville Snowmobile Park parking lot to better accommodate use, and constructing a bioswale to sustainably manage stormwater runoff and installing a water well and potable water taps.

Old home that has been renovated

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