May 21, 2021

New Trail Network: Salt Creek Watershed Trail

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Securing public access to the Salt Creek Watershed Trail, constructing 1.5 miles of trail, installing a bridge over Salt Creek, and linking the new trail system to the Upper Sacramento River Trail.

Working with the Redding Trail Alliance and the City of Redding, the Friesen Foundation has provided grant funding to complete the new trail network in the Salt Creek Watershed. This recently-completed trail system connects to the Sacramento River Trail, adding a 1.5-mile scenic spur-trail that features stunning views of Salt Creek and the Sacramento River. The project leveraged additional private match grant funding from the McConnell Foundation and included the design and installation of a 70-foot prefabricated bridge over Salt Creek: a key salmon producing tributary to the Sacramento River.

Salt Creek Trail workers grading a trail
“For those willing to brave the tough terrain of the Salt Creek Trail, the reward is a hidden gem right in the city. Its unique rock features and natural beauty have inspired a group of public and private organizations to restore it, protect access to it, and create a photo-worthy destination for anyone in the community up for the challenge. Completing the project will address private property access issues, improve the safety and sustainability of the trail, and ensure it can be enjoyed by all in perpetuity.” Travis Menne, Community Projects Manager for the City of Redding

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