Jul 03, 2023

Grantmaking 2022

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The Friesen Foundation Grantmaking 2022

The Friesen Foundation recently awarded $100,000 in total grant funding to two Northern California 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations to support the production of outdoor community concert events in Lake Almanor and Mt. Shasta, CA.

Prioritizing community building and providing support to families contributes to stronger and healthier societies. The Friesen Foundation is committed to investing in organizations and projects that create opportunities for shared experiences and promote outdoor recreation and cultural arts in rural communities.

As part of the Friesen Foundation’s 2022 initiative, the Lake Almanor Community Foundation (LACF) and the Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series were awarded grants up to $50,000 each for projects to help bring people together in celebration of music, art, and community. The two projects, described in detail below, serve as a catalyst for community building by bringing families together in the appreciation of local arts and culture.

Lake Almanor Summer Concert Series

Community gathered around enjoying the Lake Almanor Summer Concert Series.

Objective: The Lake Almanor Community Foundation’s Summer Concert Series promotes outdoor recreation and cultural arts in the Greater Lake Almanor Basin by hosting nearly a dozen outdoor events each summer.

For more than four decades, Lake Almanor’s summer concert series has been a seasonal highlight for thousands of families in rural Plumas County. As many as 2,000 guests attend each event. With fundraising efforts limited due to the ongoing impact from Covid-19 and the Dixie Fire, additional support was needed to sustain this annual concert series. The Lake Almanor Community Foundation wrapped up a complete season of “Music Under the Stars” in 2022, with 11 outdoor concerts held at the Rec 1 Bandshell venue, running from late June until Labor Day weekend. The Lake Almanor Community Foundation’s Summer Concert Series provides a safe, healthy way for families to engage and connect. A $50,000 grant from the Friesen Foundation was used to support the production of the Lake Almanor Community Foundation’s Summer Concert Series in 2022 and 2023. Funds were used to pay for necessities such as a band coordinator, band payments, prizes for concert raffles, and fees for the concert venue.

Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series

Backstage shot of a band playing at the Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series.

Objective: Foster community and support local arts education in rural Siskiyou County by hosting a series of outdoor music performances featuring local artists and funding music education and scholarships for aspiring young performers.c

Young girl laughing with a handful of Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series postcards in her hand.Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series was awarded a $50,000 grant to support the production of the organization’s summertime concert series in 2022, as well as to fund improvements to the existing concert stage at Stastice Park and explore the feasibility of creating an additional venue location elsewhere in the community. A key component to this project is the development of a permanent stage with a year-round roof, which could be used to host community events and activities beyond the summer concert series. According to Jason Allen, President of Mt. Shasta Community Concerts, “The concert series started in 2014 and instantly was a huge favorite of not only the locals in Mt. Shasta, but has also drawn many people from out of the area. We usually draw 500 to 800 spectators for each event. The concerts are completely free to anyone that wants to attend and has become a very popular summer event.” Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series will also leverage the Foundation’s grant to kickstart a music scholarship to support local high school students in Siskiyou County wishing to continue their music education. The Mt. Shasta Community Concert Series presents a compelling vision for growing local arts and culture through free, community-based events.

Friesen Foundation

The Friesen Foundation was happy for the opportunity to support these two community nonprofit organizations and their summer concert series. These are two wonderful events promoting outdoor recreation and cultural arts. We were proud to be able to support the concert series.

The Friesen Foundation is a private, independent foundation located in Redding, CA. Launched in 2019, the Foundation is currently developing a strategic plan, grant-making programs, and a long-term financial strategy. As a Northern California broad-based funder, grants are awarded to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, public education, and government entities. The Foundation supports a broad range of community development projects including outdoor recreation, environmental restoration, public health, civic planning, and cultural arts.

Grant awards average $10,000 to $50,000. Cash or in-kind match funding is encouraged, but not required. The grant review team welcomes project ideas and letters of support demonstrating public-private partnerships, shared vision from diverse stakeholder groups, and multiyear collaboration.


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